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This page is dedicated to one of the Best R&B singer out there (In My Opinion). Here you will find some in-depth info on Aaliyah as an Artist and as a Person, including some pictures along the way. Check out the lyrics for her multi-platinum album "One In A Million" and print-out the ones you like. You'll also find audio and video clips from her 2 multi-platinum albums. Along with some PHAT links to other Aaliyah sites. Post your questions, opinions and suggestions along with other Aaliyah fans in my Guestbook, go chill up in my chat rooms or leave your questions on the message board. If you want to link any pictures, lyrics, audio or video clips onto your own web page then go ahead, I have no problem letting y'all link them...Peace

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A Biography On Aaliyah: The Person And The Artist
Lyrics For "One In A Million" (Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number - comin' soon!!!)
Da Links page
PHAT links to other Aaliyah and other Hip-Hop sites!!
Message Board
Post questions you have about Aaliyah and other people will answer it for you!!
Blayz's Chat Rooms
Check out my 3 Chat Rooms and meet people all over the world!!
Aaliyah Audio Clips
Listen To Samples Of All Her Songs
Aaliyah Video Clips
Watch Aaliyah muzik videos and interviewz
Aaliyah Photo Gallery
A TON of phat pix on Aaliyah
Aaliyah Fan Club/CD Info
Info on her Fan Club and how to buy Aaliyah's CD's Online!!
Aaliyah's Interests
A few of Aaliyah's Interests!!
Sign My Guestbook
Tell me what you think of my site and Aaliyah!!
View My Guestbook
Read what other people had to say about my site and Aaliyah!!!
Collage On Aaliyah
A very good Collage on Aaliyah.....Check it out!!

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