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Blayz's Chat Rooms

Welcome to my chat rooms!! Here you have 3 rooms to choose from, you can either go to "SPIN Communication Line", "Talk City" or "Blayz's Chat Room". There are small differences between the rooms but there's one thing in common, NO profanity or disruptive behaviour allowed. Or you will be kicked out or banned from these rooms. Read about each room and click on the one you like to start chatting!!


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Talk City Chat

This is my personal Aaliyah Chat Room. I will be there at least twice a week to chat about whatever you want, Or if I'm not there click on "other rooms" as soon as you enter the room and you will be taken to a page with all the talk city rooms that are currently open and you can chat with any one there!! This Chat Room takes awhile to load depending on your modem speed.

Click Here To Enter The Talk City Chat room

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SPIN Communication Line

This is a public room which is very easy to operate. If this is your first time chatting this room is perfect for you. This room is never empty and you can work your way through with a few simple commands. If this room is too crowded for you, ask one of the people to accompany you to a private channel where just you two could talk, this is a great room to meet people all over the world. This room takes about a minute to load if you have a Java Capable Browser and is a very fast paced room because there are usually over 20 users.

Click Here To Enter The SPIN Communication Line Chat Room

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Blayz's Chat Rooms

ParaChat Room

This room is my personal chat room, and is very easy to operate, it takes about a minute to load depending on your computer speed. This room is usually empty and I'm hardly there cus I don't like it, I guess U could say I keep it around for decoration. You need a java capable browser to work this chat room!!

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If you are having any problems with these Chat Rooms please feel free to E-Mail Me.

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