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Aaliyah's Interests

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Aaliyah's Favourite Writer: "Stephen King, I don't know how he thinks of the things he thinks of. His books really scare me...and I like that!"

Aaliyah's Favourite Place to Hang out: "The mall. I could shop all day long. My favorite shop is Nike Town. I am a Nike addict and Nike Town is a huge store with nothing but Nike."

Aaliyah's Favourite Actor: "Denzel Washington. I really enjoyed his performance in Malcolm X, and ever since then I've admired his talent."

Aaliyah's Favourite Band: "Queen. Their songs are just spectacular. My favorite is Bohemian Rhapsody."

Aaliyah's Favourite Jewelry: "I love silver. I only wear silver - no gold. My favorite piece of jewelry is my silver chain with a Tasmanian Devil medallion. I wear it everywhere."

Aaliyah's Pets: "I have a four-month-old pug named Tour. He's adorable. I get to take him on tour with me."

Aaliyah's Favourite Holiday: "Martin Luther King Day. He was a very strong black leader and I have a lot of respect for him. His birthday was the day before mine, so he was a capricorn too!"

Aaliyah's Favourite Sports: "Basketball. I'm a Bulls fan and I love their colors - black, red, white. I get a lot of flak from my parents because they're Knicks fans."

Aaliyah's Favourite Movies: "Silence of the Lambs. I love horror movies. Anthony Hopkins was so good!"

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