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Souljah Camp

I'm a 16 year old "MAN" from Toronto. One of my many dreams was to be an entreprenuer and I'm happy to say that I have accomplished that dream by bringing you "Souljah Camp Web Designers". This is my personal business and it's perfect for all you managers and owners with small or big companies. We can discuss prices as soon as I get your order and you tell me the details on the page(s) you want. I have given you some of my past web pages that I made so you can look at them and see if that is somewhat of what your looking for. As soon you decide what your looking for, you can E-mail me with specific details on what you want on your page, what kind of business/personal page it is, and how much your willing to pay per page.

As you may have already guessed this page is dedicated
to the dearly departed Tupac Shakur...RIP Souljah

Some of my personal web pages

My Tribute To Aaliyah
My Teen Chat Site

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